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Inspire Metz agency commits to ISO 20121 certification 


Metz Eurometropole is already known as the birthplace of urban ecology and 2019 host of the G7 Environment, Oceans and Energy, so it is natural that the agency Inspire Metz commits to ISO 20121. This international standard applies to hosting an ephemeral public, so it concerns the scope of the Convention Bureau and the Tourist Office. 

Dedicated to responsible management systems, it specifies the requirements applicable to the events sector.  The aim is to enable teams to adhere to the continuous improvement process and encourage the organisation of more sustainable events on its territory. 
Inspire Metz has defined the guidelines of its sustainable development policy from economic, environmental, and societal perspectives: generating economic benefits by developing sustainable appeal for Metz Eurometropole; promoting responsible consumption; fighting against waste; making tourism a motor for inclusion etc. 

This sustainable development policy is one of the founding acts towards implementing ISO 20121. 

ISO 20121 certification is planned for spring 2022.