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Bliiida (13)

Place of experience and innovation, it is a mere 10-minute walk from the city centre. Originally a bus depot, Bliiida now stands for an atypical place and the main buliding of LORnTECH (the French Tech location in the Lorraine Sillon region). It welcomes artists and start-ups and is soon to open a media hub. Since the Sleepless Night in Metz event, this room has been known as  the “Walking Ghost Hall” and it offers a spectacular, unprecendented setting for your venues. Creativity is the watchword here so take the opportunity of organising an event that is resolutely different and draw on the potential provided by artists and local start-ups.


  • Walking Ghost Hall, with a 20 sq. metre bar, 2 control rooms, a 84 sq. metre stage and dressing rooms (stage equipped with sound system projector, screen and lighting)
    390 sq. metres - 250 seated (chairs) - 900 standing
  • Front courtyard (open), rented with Walking Ghost Hall : 370 sq. meters outside
  • Meeting room : 50sq. meters

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7 avenue de Blida
57000 Metz

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