Website of the Eurométropole Metz Congress Office

Key figures

45 municipalites
230 000 inhabitants
30 million

people available within a 200km-radius
14 185 companies

115 882 paid employments

360 000 m2
of commercial areas

11 €
per square meter of actual area. 
It is the property tax cost making Metz the cheapest city in France for the establishment of business offices
(Alma Consulting sources)

More than 149 million €

Local direct economic benefits from the  Pompidou-Metz Center (Hotels, etc), from its opening in May 2010 until the end of 20193 (study carried out by Test)
800 000

visitors for the Pompidou-Metz Center during the inaugural year
650 000

visitors for the Metz Cathedral in 2013