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Hosting Charter

CHARTER OF EVENTS - charter of quality and commitments

Objective: a charter for what?

It is a territory label to ensure a quality of the services provided and the satisfaction of the organizers of professional events as well as the members. 

The idea is to formalize a policy for hosting congresses and events through thematic commitments made by the local professionals and suggest Metz Métropole as a national and international reference image regarding business tourism. 

Beneficiariesa charter for whom?

All the organizers of professional venues as well as the participants in these events.

The signatories of this charter:

All the players in the reception sector: Metz, Metz Metropole, La Moselle's Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Territorial Services, airport (s), Metz Tourist Office, Metz Metropole Congress Center , the Union of Hotel Owners, Hotels, the Union of Taxis, Union of Professions and Industries in the Hotel Industry of Moselle, Professional Union of Travel Agents, DMC (Destination Management Companies), PCO (Professional Congress Organizer) Cultural facilities, CDT, CRT, etc. 
A logo or label may be set up for signatories.

The Business Tourism Charter :

   Les chartes d'accueil du Tourisme d'Affaires "Metz - Amnéville-les-Thermes / destination affaires"

  Charters for the reception of Business and Conference tourists to the "Metz/Amnéville-les-Thermes area - destination Business"