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Metz is Wunderbar !

From 18 to 25 March, the City of Metz will organize the second edition of the Franco-German week called "Metz is Wunderbar". Included: conferences, concerts, shows, workshops for young people, exhibitions, etc. These are opportunities to highlight the Franco-German excellence of Metz. Follow the guide!   "Learning the language of the neighbor, knowing his culture, multiplying common operations, all of this is a crucial issue for our future ..." said Dominique Gros, Mayor of Metz, at the (...)
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Metz, the most beautiful French train station !

It is done! After several months of competition, the Metz Station was finally elected "Most beautiful French Station" in the challenge launched by the Stations & Connexions branch of the SNCF. With more than 31,000 votes, Metz wins against the station of La Rochelle.   A big thank you to all the people who committed to the project, whether Messins or not, to allow this undeniable monument of the City heritage to have its hour of glory!  
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