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Robert Schuman Metz Congress - how is the site going ?

07 March 2017
  • Robert Schuman Metz Congress - how is the site going ?
New visit to the site, new opportunity to give you an update on the work of the future Center " Robert Schuman Metz Congress ".
It's official, Mathias Lucien Rapeaud joins the team of GL Events - Metz Events   (led by Michel Coqué), as  the Director in charge of the hosted events and of the Congress Center " Robert Schuman Metz Congrès ".   His position will also include the events hosted on the site of the Metz Métropole Exhibition Center, including the Auditorium and all the receptive spaces of this site. Fittings that will become complementary.
Robert Schuman Metz Congress becomes the locomotive for the hosted congresses in the area, with a clear more "upmarket" vocation, reminds Bénédicte de Montgolfier, Director of the construction project.
Main objective: to develop the attractiveness of our destination, to attract organizers, to ensure that the delegates leave with a positive image of Metz, while they might have never thought of coming to visit the city in the first place, and ultimately, to generate economic spin-offs for the city.

Meanwhile, the construction site is making rapid strides.   The project of the Congress Center aims for the NF HQE (High Environmental Quality) Tertiary Building certification Nine at an "Excellent" level.   Among the 14 targets of the HQE certification, 5 targets more specifically aim for the "high performance" level, that is the maximum level that can be achieved: the relation between the building and its immediate environment, low environmental impact site, energy management, maintenance and durability of environmental performance, acoustic comfort. Both the "Program" and "Conception" phases of the certification have already been obtained. The “realization” phase of the process is still in progress. 
The challenge consists, for example, in ensuring throughout the whole life of the site, that the concrete actions to minimize the impact of the work site on the environment are well implemented. 

Another advance: the metal fixings that will come to accommodate the tiling of the stone facades of Jaumont are now visible. Inspired to JM Wilmotte by the sight of the Cathedral under the sun, this facade will be one of the first architectural elements to attract the eye of visitors! 

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